Let’s create a rails application along with ReactJS and other node modules.

Install Node.js and NPM (on MAC)

I assume MAC already have Xcode and Homebrew installed.

In terminal:

brew install node

Yes, npm (node package manager) comes with node by default. Alternatively, we can use yarn (my preferance also rails prefer it :p).

Ah, it’s neecessary to use version manager for node. Yes, there is node version manager nvm. Follow these steps to install it.

Let’s create a Rails application

Okay, on rails developent it’s so important to pre-process JavaScript and bundle all modules, so we definately need a pre-complier which will continuously run and process asset. And for that I prefer webpack. Good News is, rails officially included webpack inside rails (from 5.1) with name webpacker!

Now, create a rails application including webpack with react (only for rails 5.1+):

rails new reactapp --webpack=react

or just add gem 'webpacker' to Gemfile and bundle it. And then run ./bin/rails webpacker:install:react Yeah sit tight, it does a lot of work :smile:

That’s it. So, this rails application is ready with react. Yeah, inside app/javascript/packs, react files (.jsx) will remain. Now, in .jsx, this type of code will render react-dom in Rails fornt-end:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
    <Hello name="React" />,

So, in hello-world-div react-dom will be rendered. And finally, for continuous pre-compiling run webpack using this command (your prefered configuration):

./bin/webpack-dev-server --host example.com --inline true --hot false

And to add a node module use:

yarn add <node-module>

Pretty cool and easy, right? Cheers!